FLF (Free Lunch Friday) believes to feed our global economy we need to start by feeding our startups and entrepreneurs. And to do that we are launching FLF locations around the world where startups and entrepreneurs gather on the last Friday of every month for real human interaction and community. At these locations you can connect with startups, entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, partners, and investors all while enjoying some free, beer, and community.

The May Event is at Axosoft

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Every FLF location operates from the same agenda. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you stop into a FLF you can expect the same community and experience. Join in and lets get started.


Community: Eat, drink, and get connected – everything starts with a meal!


Hello and greetings: Welcome new folks into the FLF community


Open Floor: Celebrate companies that are hiring, success stories, funds, ask questions, pitch the group, recomendations, resources, etc.


Current Events: What’s happening now in the marketplace, community, and in the news?


FLF Talk: 20 min talks given by entrepreneurs to inspire, educate, and empower our global community.

12:20 – ?:

More community: Anthing great starts with people and community.

Scott Salkin, IDS Technology Marketing and Jerrod Bailey, Tallwave
Scott Salkin, CEO/Founder of IDS Technology Marketing and Jerrod Bailey, Partner and SVP of the Business Development Practice at Tallwave, will co-present Visual Storytelling will present an advanced method for innovating your product through design-thinking.

Salkin’s high-tech career started in 2000 at the San Diego Regional Technology Alliance (SDRTA) and has since included notable positions at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Cisco Systems, and NetPro Computing (now Dell Software), before launching IDS in 2007.

Bailey has spent the last 15 years in technology companies focused exclusively on B2B markets in Business Development, Product and Marketing capacities. Jerrod has helped develop over 50 companies.

The last Friday of every month we produce 20 minute FLF talks at locations around the world. We do this by bringing in speakers who have incredible stories and insights to share with our global community of startups and entrepreneurs. Our community arrives each month hungry for content that can inspire, educate, and empower them to continue their journeys changing the world. We are always looking for great speakers. Sign up or nominate someone today!

Please support our vision to create an interconnected global entrepreneurial community focused on driving our economy, creating jobs, and changing the world. It’s because of your support that we are able to gather our startups and entrepreneurs each month. And if we commit to this work on a monthly basis we provide our community with new jobs, new opportunities, and the infrastructure we need to keep it healthy, active, and sustainable for years to come.

Every dollar we raise helps us on our mission to feed the hungry startups and entrepreneurs with the things they need to build great companies. Please donate below.


Tishin Donkersley
Tishin is an award-winning journalist and a frequent guest on television and radio segments, tech blogs and expert panels. She has covered technology, eco, lifestyle and psychology for over 10 years. Her specialty is the sit down interview and sharing ones’ story. She has interviewed some of the most influential people in the world such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver; and more recently some top CEOs and entrepreneurs such as Blake Irving (Go Daddy), Alan Lobock (SkyMall), Howard Lindzon (Social Leverage) and Jordan Kretchmer (Livefyre).

She is also the founder of Elements Communication, a communications, branding and grassroots strategy consultancy. Previously, Tishin launched and served as chief editor of Green Living magazine which sold in November 2012. Tishin is a graduate of Arizona State University and serves as a mentor for ASU Entrepreneurship program, startups and venture capital firms around the southwest. She also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology graduating Cum Laude.@TishinD

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