Budding Mayors And Builders Smile With Simcity Buildit

This game is the latest feather in the series acclaimed and celebrated from nurturing regular schmoes nourishes themselves behind the powerful mayor’s desk. If you have no training in modern city planning or have no background in politics, there’s no problem whatsoever. In Simcity Buildit, you can put a house anywhere you like. If your townsfolk get irate and jittery over being compelled to settle down beside a carbon emitting nuclear power plant, you need to live with it. With that being said, this game is less complicated as compared to its older kin. Considering the fact that it’s for bite-sized, quick mobile play sessions, the flow isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The traditional series games had a penchant for encouraging players to conceptualize and plan in definite, square patterns. However, Simcity Buildit is all about lines. Industries and houses are built along the streets. The same applies to majority of the utilities. These keep them active and running. You cannot find any mucking around or flipping with power lines and pipes, which is nice for people playing it on a small phone screen. The game-play is bolstered by compelling graphics, which make the streets, traffic jams and signals come to life.

The game’s orderly pattern and kind of game-play defeats or jeopardizes its purpose. Player’s level regulates the expansion in the game, which is a typical feature are most free-to-play games like this. You end up asking yourself if order is the sole directive that Simcity Buildit actually stands for. It’s good and encouraging to find that anyone wanting to toss the rules and laying down neighborhoods in a spate of anger and dissidence gets the free hand, if the player chooses to do so. The game gods have given us this right. It also doesn’t have the identical ring that was symbolic of the earlier offerings.


Approaching it with an expectation that it would give the same experience as the previous franchise won’t be prudent. You are most likely to become disappointed as Simcity Buildit is not exactly a simulator game and contains a different ball game altogether. It has a propensity more towards being a perfect puzzle game wherein you end up spending time to obtain the pieces of an area before you put them together. Planning out these neighborhoods that sprout quickly into towns and then develop into cities could actually be better if you could get more involved more with your city’s construction. Players need to utilize their farm to factories resources for building the residential houses and areas. Every time you construct or upgrade a residential building, you’ll find that it’s accompanies with some coins. Coins or Simoleons are very important in this game, You need them to buy more factories, city services like sewage plants and fire stations, or more utilities so you must build and upgrade buildings unless you have simcity buildit hack apk in favor of you.

Despite its pitfalls and simplicity, it’s actually fun to play and stick to. The dreaded and most irritating paywall can pop up any moment to disturb you, but just ignore it. Once that arrives, you can still the game, but only in fast snatches between tedious waits. Despite its free-to-play tentacles and trappings that are really borderline monstrous, Simcity Buildit remains a competent and interesting city-building game.

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