Meet Emily Crume, Managing Director, Free Lunch Friday

Emily Crume is a business leader with more than 18-years of executive-level sales/business development, sales management and operations leadership and a proven track record for architecting sales and go-to-market strategies that drive growth, achieve revenue objectives and generate profitability.

A consummate networker and professional ‘closer,’ Emily has managed global sales teams and done business with world-class accounts such as HP, IBM, Dell, Toyota, Honda/Acura, Clorox, Old Navy and more. Her consultative sales approach has garnered access to decision-makers in entertainment, automotive, technology, travel, retail, CPG, QFS and financial services segments.

QUESTION: Why did you get involved with FLF?

ANSWER: After meeting Danny at a local networking event, we found time to talk about his projects. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and focus. And I found we shared a similar passion for creating great things. When he contacted me later about FreeLunchFriday, I really want to get involved. It also seemed like the team needed someone with my skills for operational oversight.

After spending time learning more about the vision, I realized FLF was the perfect forum and an event to provide community and connections.

I believe in philanthropy and giving back. I also believe in real life experience. Through my own journey, I’ve learned the importance of building community and how that structure benefits and inspires members. FLF will be that inspiration for community, content and connection for our members.

QUESTION: What skills do you bring to FLF?

ANSWER: I’ve managed businesses and I’ve also been an individual contributor. I like to understand how organizations work. My ability to see the whole to part is a skill I bring to this group. I’m also a sales person and I create and sell solutions. My worldview helps me assess individuals and evaluate strengths to shape the team that succeeds and achieves its goals.

QUESTION: How do you hope to use those skills to build FLF?

I think a lot of this is about networking and the community aspect. I’m a voracious networker and community builder. We’ll be using In-person events as a launch pad for inspiration and connections. FLF is not just about free food and beer, but also what we all have to share with others. My natural inclination is to organize people around a cause. And I’m learning even more about that from Danny. He’s very enthusiastic. He believes we will gather this group of people and use it for common benefit to build something much bigger than ourselves.

QUESTION: Where do you see FLF a year from now?

ANSWER: Our goal is to launch 30 cities in 2013. We’re interested in building quality communities and we have to set goals. Whether we achieve them or not in that timeframe, we’re planning to build something that will last and bring value to startup communities globally.

QUESTION: Ultimately what do you hope FLF will achieve?

ANSWER: I think the FLF legacy will become a community where people feel comfortable to learn what they need to succeed in an entrepreneurial environment. They can bring their ideas, their skills and their enthusiasm to be part of something that could lead them to greater things. We’re a connector organization. We want to help people find their own place in the startup ecosystem. We want to make it easier for people to explore that starting with a good lunch. You don’t know what you don’t know, but we can help you find what that is and become inspired while learning.

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