“Mathematics is a subject which consists of values and a variety of complex calculations”.

Graphing calculator is used to tour maths beautifully. It is a handheld computer which is capable of solving simultaneous equations, plotting graphs and performing other tasks and problems like algebra. Graphing calculator is best for cracking algebra. First commercial sale of graphing calculators took place in the year 1985. Casio FX-7000 was the first graphing calculator.

TI-83 Plus graphing calculator is a top entry level calculator for middle and high school students. They are best integrated for students who choose math and science courses including Pre-Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Business, and Finance.

                You might be wondering what actually this graphical calculator is, right? Mostly graphing calculators are used for checking graphs. But you need not 100% use this calculator for that purpose. You can plug numbers into the equation and plot points. It is capable of plotting the points on a graph and displays the graph error-free.

Graphing calculators are amalgamated in such a way that they help students in solving complex math and scientific problems. A scientific calculator performs functions beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Scientific calculator is capable of handling logarithms, trigonometric functions and exponential values. Whereas, a graphing calculator allows you to type a function and then will manifest the graph of it.

Are you in search of the BEST graphing calculator?

       TI-Nspire CX II CASwill be the best choice. The powerful tool among the creations of the Texas instruments is TI-Nspire CX II CAS. If you are wandering for something that consists of intuitive and innovative features, and also support you in academic strategies and teaching, TI-Nspire CX II CAS is the best deal!

                    Its slim design helps you to carry it anywhere you need without facing any difficulty even if your backpack is heavy. Furthermore, this is a tool which helps you to solve complicated math and scientific tasks. This calculator is adequately used by high school students according to their curriculum requirements.

       The special feature of this calculator is that this tool allows you to perform different math tasks, like computations and equations. This graphing calculator also helps you plot and explore functions and inequalities. Unlike other calculators, this model can plot and animate points on graphs and objects. You can also use sliders to make explanations on your work. This is a versatile model and it has hundreds of unique features.

          When compared to other models why is this model on top? It is because of the user friendly features and it eases the understanding process. Chem box feature is available in this model. This will help us to input chemical formulae effortlessly.

  •           Storage memory:16MB RAM

                                  20MB ROM

  •           Screen size:  3.2- inch 16-bit colour LCD
  •           Price: $139.98


  •           Consists of rechargeable TI battery.
  •           It satisfies both math and science curriculum needs.
  •           It is capable of importing images and provides the overlay of graphs.


  •           This device may be a bit confusing if you are using this for the first time.

 Are you in search of the best value product?

TI-84 Plus CE will be the best choice. It is integrated and designed in such a way that it helps students to understand the concepts of advanced math and science of high-level academics. This model is the sophisticated version of the TI-83. It comes with a wide range of features and extended size of display with a wide range of features and extended size of display. It consists of a full color backlit display with high resolution.

       The special feature of this calculator is, it comes with MathPrint technology. That means your input will be displayed the same as you see in your textbooks.

  •       Storage memory:154KB RAM


  •       Screen size:2.8-inch LCD
  •       Price: $117.99


  •           It consists of software that supports PCs and MAC computers.
  •           Consists of rechargeable TI battery.
  •           With its special feature MathPrint it engages more with the students.


  •           It gets slower when it displays some graphics.
  •           You need to study about its features and usage before using it.

 Are you checking for the Best and full color graphing calculator?

       Casio PRIZM FX-CG50 comes with the full color LCD feature. It consists of an icon-based menu system and built in spreadsheet applications. It brings you revolutionary features to make you more relaxed.

The special feature of this product is you will find 6500 color options with LCD screen to choose. This will help you to have sharp images of formulas and graphs. It also consists of classroom functionality.

  •       Storage memory: 16 MB
  •       Screen size: 3.7-inch LCD             
  •       Price: $78.99


  •       It consists of large storage capacity.
  •       It comes with natural display and USB connectivity.
  •       It has preloaded geometry application.


  •       This model may not be permitted on all examinations.
  •   If you are used to Texas instruments, you’ll find this model’s navigation a bit difficult.

 Are you looking for a graphing calculator at an affordable range?

       The Texas InstrumentTI-89 Titanium is at best a budget pick. It is the best one for the new users of graphing calculators. It does not provide the feature of color display, but it provides #D graphing and rotation which makes the students work easier in solving the advanced problems.

       The special feature of this model is it offers a powerful CAS platform. Here, you can solve any quadratic equation and you will get the solution in an irrational form. It also helps to solve and visualize complex expressions.

  •       Storage: 188KB RAM

             2.7MB flash memory

  •       Screen size:3.2-inch LCD
  •       Price: $129.00


  •     It comes with a built in USB port.
  •     It is capable of calculating with precision.


  •     This calculator does not provide color display.
  •       It is not suitable for business and finance students.

 Are you searching for the best touch display graphing calculator?

HP Prime is the best touch display graphing calculator. You will surely enjoy working its features and flat design. By sliding your finger, you can move graphs. It saves your time from navigation.

It has many special features. You can perform typical math and scientific problems easily. It supports rich calculating experience with its keypad. You can connect to calculators and share data.

  •       Storage: 32MB RAM

             256MB ROM

  •       Screen size: 3.5-inch LCD
  •       Price: $99.99


  •       It has many advanced features.
  •       Its slim design helps you to carry easily.


  •       Its screen is glossy and there is a chance of picking glares.
  •       You should know about the device for better usage.

 Bottom Line

TI 84 will be the best choice for the beginners of graphing calculators. It comes with a pre-loaded MathPrint function and it supports software for both PC’s and MAC computers. For advanced features and more simplified methods of calculations TI 89 will be the best choice. It has features like 3D graphing and rotation which makes the students work easier in solving the advanced problems. Before buying a graphing calculator, you check the best one which satisfies your needs because this product has life and it’ll not be dead. Invest in the best one then you can use the product for years.

“Graphing calculator is the only thing which plays tricks with mathematics.”